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 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Just to start this post off, I want to make some clarifications. I am in no way an expert of the Bible, I am learning and will continue to learn everyday what God has to teach me. I also am losing confidence in the church, but this deficiency in confidence tends to motivate me. (weird, right?!) and I have a lot of thoughts in my mind, so this post might be a little jumbled. 

Everyone around me is dropping, not dead, but dropping out of CSI (Church of South India). Just to give a little background to what CSI is, it is the merger of the Anglican, Presbyterian, Congregational, and Methodist churches in India all coming together. Coming together in unity. And it’s funny that majority of these United in Christ churches are splitting. Ironic.

We tend to have a problem in church, we don’t really complete a mission. I feel as though every church I have been to, is lacking that sense of the mission. We’re an Evangelistic church, and the church not going through with mission is misbranding the denomination. The older generation tends to put all the responsibility on the younger generations, and it’s not just the youth’s job to do God’s work. It’s hard to mesh with more older generations, because they tend to be more traditional, while the church is evolving more and more into a more liberal place of worship. And it is scary…it’s terrifying actually. Slowly, but steady, it’s hard to say, but the Indian traditions might be fading away in the North American CSI churches. But that’s the future, and that fact scares the pants off of some people. Which is why Evangelism is put off, because internal matters are brought up, and the true purpose of the Church is pushed aside. 

Through many heart to hearts, I’ve been hearing that people were tired of CSI. They were tired of the politics, they were tired of trying. I can’t blame them, I’m starting to feel that way as well, after hearing all the reasons and explanations. That soon made me doubt whether I really wanted to represent the denomination that I really thought was unique. In India, the other denominations such as the Mar Thoma Church, the Catholic churches, the Orthodox Churches, etc, are much more traditional than CSI. Knowing this is why I really appreciated the style of CSI, because this created more room for more liberal worship. The point of what I’m trying to make is that, WE ARE THE FUTURE. We need to stick together and take the hits that are whipped on our backs, soak in the the yelling and the gossip, because we don’t stay in this denomination for others, not for the status, but for God. God has placed us here for a reason, and straying from his plan is straying from God. I get sad, because I’m a girl, and I could get married out of CSI. It’s depressing, because it’s the men at the church that need to stick through it, but lack the faith in CSI the most.  

I’ve been asked, what’s so important about CSI? I didn’t really have an answer then, but I’ve had time to think about it, and all I can really say is, what is so important about anything? Every single Christian on planet Earth has one mission on Earth, no matter what denomination. And in one form or another, we are all completing that task. What’s so important about CSI? God with all His heart, His mind, and His soul, created it. HE created it. There’s always a point existing for things when God is in the picture. 

Another topic: Splitting…I’ve talked about it before, but I want to hit it once more. to be frank, the splitting of a church (in my opinion) is the the stupidest concept ever invented. Even though I have taken part of one, I regret it sometimes. Today, a really good friend of mine brought up how splitting the church is like a family having a divorce. A church is a family. A tight-knit family, no matter what size, and for a split to happen is a divorce. In the Bible, divorce is wrong except for a situation of marital unfaithfulness. My friend and I looked back and saw that no actual unfaithfulness happened. Well any that we could recall, anyways. So was it wrong for us to leave? should we go back? (this is getting a bit too personal). Back to a broader view: A split could be good, I guess. It’s a motive to start over. For us to look at our mistakes, and fix them. To forgive, and forget. For humility, to be the bigger person. Then a reconciliation can really happen. 

I really don’t know how to end this, so I’m just going to say this: That what ever has happened, and what ever is to come, I will forever put my trust in God. I promise to always fight hard against the devil when he comes against my church, or any church. I promise to give my unfailing love and devotion to the mission of the church. and I promise to NEVER give up on the Church of South India, and I pray that you don’t either. 

worshipgifs godisalwaysmyrock
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